VIII Summer School for advanced studies in Multimodal Information Retrieval - [ERMITES]


Scaled Audiovisual Information Retrieval

24, 25 and 26th of sept. 2013 Ile de Porquerolles - National Park - Var

BOOK PROCEEDING without yet video links, 220 pages, .pdf 71 Mo

The ERMITES 2013 Summer School brings together international leading researchers and provides participants the opportunity to gain deeper insight into current research trends in scaled audiovisual information retrieval. It is organized as a series of long talks, during which students are invited to interact.

The target audience of the school is graduate and PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, and academic or industrial researchers.
Any participant can present its research in a poster or oral format, please contact the organizer if you wish to do so.
As there is a limited number of participants (about 32), a confirmation notification will be sent (first come first served politic).

- Deadline for registration: 9th of September evening.

Schedule :

ERMITES is supported by TOULON PROVENCE MEDITERRANEE (TPM), USTV, MASTODONS CNRS project, IUF, INRIA, CNRS, LSIS, ARIA, Fed. for Computer Sciences and Interactions (FRIIAM), and ANR COGNILEGO.

Program :

ERMITES is recognized by the doctoral schools as disciplinary lectures, for a total of 25 hours.

Link to online videos of previous editions and link to ERMITES 2012 online proceedings , and link to previous ERMITES editions.

Registration Fees (payment by CB or invoice to USTV)
You may choose between 1 or 3 days pack, single or shared room studio.
The 3 days pack includes: 2 nights, 5 meals, 2 breakfasts, coffee breaks, proceedings,
with D1 or D2 registrations for double shared room studio,
D1 : Only for PhD., Post-doctorate, Master = 300 euros,
D2 : Other (Full position, company) = 450 euros.
Or with S1 or S2 formula for single room,
S1 : Like D1 but single room = 330 euros,
S2 : Like D2 but single room = 480 euros.

The daily pack includes 1 meal, coffee break, proceedings, without sleeping accommodations.
Daily student: PhD, Post-doctorate, Master = 70 euros per day,
Daily non-student = 100 euros per day.
You can either pay by invoice, or credit card at this adress : DO ONLINE REGISTRATION BY CB

Access : ERMITES 13 is at IGESA center, in the middle of Porqueroles island, with access from Hyeres TGV station then bus (67), or Toulon International Airport, then boat (15 mn). We may also organize car travels from Hyeres to the boat - More details on trains / boats.

Social activities : a little walk starting from IGESA to the Cap Grand Langoustier will offer a great breath in this paradise to the attendies, and the opportunity to extend unformal discussions :

Committees :

Organizing co. : J. Razik (pres), X. Halkias, H. Glotin, Y. Doh, C. Rabouy, M. Bartcus, O. Dufour.
Program co. : H. Glotin (Pres.), S. Bengio, X. Halkias, S. Paris, J. Razik, T. Artieres, L. Ralaivola, F. Chamroukhi.
Contact :
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